Medere at Maker Faire 2019

The seventh European Edition of Maker Faire have just ended. Once again, Rome hosted the most important European event dedicated to innovation. The event, organized by Innova Camera (Special Agency of the Rome Chamber of Commerce), had an extraordinary success. Over 100 thousand people have crowded the enormous pavilions of the Fiera di Roma, taking a peek among the more than 600 projects proposed by the makers from 40 countries.

Among the stands were students (28,000 entered the fair on Friday for the day dedicated to schools), families with children, representatives of small and large companies, institutional figures (including Education Minister Lorenzo Fioramonti and the Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi). And of course, the makers, those digital artisans who over the years have become researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs.

In this context of innovation and technology, Medere has exhibited its project related to the production of personalised orthotics easily and comfortably from everywhere in the world. In fact, the production workflow developed by Medere foresees that the customer, through his/her smartphone, acquires a dataset of photos and videos of his/her feet following easy tutorials on Medere app. The dataset is then used by Medere to model and produce, through 3D printing technology, custom-made orthotics. The pair of orthotics is finally sent to the customer who will get his/her custom-made foot orthotics in a few days comfortably at home. During the three days of the event Marco, Daniele and Raffaele illustrated the details of the production methodology arousing great interest.

Medere team thanks the Maker Faire organization for the fantastic opportunity and all the curious visitors who came to our stand.