About Us

Medere is an Italian innovative start-up founded enthusiastically by three biomedical engineers.
Our goal is to provide solutions and innovation for medicine and health.

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Medere at Maker Faire 2019

The seventh European Edition of Maker Faire have just ended. Once again, Rome hosted the most important European event dedicated to innovation. The event, organized by Innova Camera (Special Agency …

Medere attends at DigithOn 2019

Source: TRM h24 – Su Sky al canale 519; Digitale Terrestre: Puglia e Basilicata canale 16 The fourth edition of DigithOn, the largest Italian digital marathon founded by Francesco Boccia, …

Medere experience at Forum PA 2019

The thirtieth edition of the annual Forum PA event took place 14 to 16 May in Rome, at the Convention Center “La Nuvola”. The aim of the Forum PA is …