PASSO project – Sensorised therapeutic insoles for clinical monitoring

There are many musculoskeletal pathologies that are monitored and treated starting from gait analysis sessions.

To date, sensorised orthoses on the market are generic insoles useful for data collection during sessions of short duration. Furthermore, these devices, when equipped with a wireless connection, do not allow prolonged storage of data, limiting their application to laboratory-based acquisitions. Remote monitoring of patients is still limited.

The PASSO project aims to overcome the actual limitations by providing a simple, intuitive but at the same time useful and technologically advanced product: an innovative customised corrective and therapeutic insole with integrated monitoring system.

Combining our expertise on anatomical reconstruction, digital and computerised modelling of custom-made insoles and orthoses, 3D printing technologies and biomechanical gait analysis, it is possible to create a system that extracts relevant parameters from advanced sensors. It will be possible to have continuous and unaffected monitoring with or without the use of therapeutic corrections.

The final product will have high versatility. In fact, it can be used to monitor the therapeutic effect when inserted in customised corrective insoles or can be used as an accurate tool for measuring biomechanical parameters in standard insoles to study and plan the most appropriate therapy for each individual.

Financial support

The PASSO project is co-funded by Ministry of Economic Development and by Minister of Economy and Finance in the context of a call for the industrial research and experimental development projects. The grant aims to promote highly specialized competence centers through MADE (center of technical and managerial skills).