POP – Personalised 3D printed foot orthotics: from data acquisition to production

Description of the project

Musculoskeletal disorders are among the major causes of disability and reduction of quality of life. The use of foot orthotics (FOs) has been awarded as a valid conservative and corrective treatment. In this framework, generic commercialised FOs show limitations in terms of effectiveness and efficacy. On the other hand, the use of personalised FOs for a tailored intervention may be a valid technique although the productive process is time consuming and required lot of resources. With the aiming to overcome these limitations, an innovatve productive process for the development of personalized 3D-printed FOs is presented. In this work, an easy and standardised images acquisiton protocol is defined, and a dedicated data reconstructon procedure is developed and optmised to accurately reproduce the foot geometry. Accordingly, a personalised pair of FOs is designed with CAD technique and optmised to address the podiatrist prescripton. Moreover, the geometry and infll patern are adjusted, appropriate materials are selected, and the final model is 3D-printed. As the mater of fact, the present study was used to produce a series of prototypes and the accessibility to personalised FOs as well as the effectiveness of the manufacturing process is demonstrated.

Financial support

The Pop project is co-funded by the EU and Lazio innova in the context of the regional call Pre-Seed (Lazio Innova POR FESR LAZIO 2014-2020). This grant aims to support and promote the development of innovative startups.