Medere selected for the final stage of the “Unirsi per l’impresa” award

We are proud to announce that Medere get access to the final stage of the “Unirsi per l’impresa” award promoted by Unindustria. Five finalists were chosen based on the team expertise and skills, the innovation and progress of their product or process and its socioeconomical impact.

We are proud to announce that Medere was selected as one of the finalists of the “Join the company” prize organized by Unindustria. Five finalists, chosen by degree of innovation and state of progress of the product or process, occupational repercussions and skills of the project team.

The project presented by Medere aims to create and sell customised orthopaedic insoles with an innovative production procedure. Currently, the production of customised orthopaedic insoles is based on a manufacturing process that is time consuming, expensive and not accessible to all consumers. Our project uses modern image reconstruction and CAD modelling technologies to overcome these current production limits. Moreover, Medere uses modern three-dimensional printing techniques for the realisation of the orthopaedic insoles. This technology guarantees a reduction in both time and production costs. Our project guarantees the possibility to tailor the customised orthopaedic insole to the needs and activities of each user.

Medere will present his idea during the final stage on January 31st at WEGIL (previously GIL, Trastevere, Rome). The on-line evaluation phase of the finalists is open.