Medere and the orthopedics 4.0

A work in synergy between Medere, 3DItaly, Formlabs and the orthopedics team of the Mediterranean Clinic in Naples led to the digital reconstruction and 3D printing of a patient’s hemibacin and femur to allow for the success of the surgery.

MEDERE at side of Italian Volleyball Association

Continue our support for volleyball players in their daily challenges with our custom-made insoles designed specifically to give the right support during matches and training sessions. Our partnership with the Italian Volleyball Association (AIP) has achieved several goals in a year, ensuring the right attention for athletes of each category.

Medere for Uganda

Medere is one of the 7 companies selected for Coopen’s Call for Innovators, dedicated to Health and Wellness by Fondazione Cariplo. We’ll support CBM Italia Onlus in treatment and rehabilitation of disability in Uganda.