MEDERE at side of Italian Volleyball Association

Continue our support for volleyball players in their daily challenges with our custom-made insoles designed specifically to give the right support during matches and training sessions. Our partnership with the Italian Volleyball Association (AIP) has achieved several goals in a year, ensuring the right attention for athletes of each category.

Our synergy has the mission: prevention and recovery from the same to maintain high athletic level and support high rhythms in training and in the fights.

Our team Medere, with know-how and experience in biomedical engineering, we have always worked to create innovative solutions to give the right support to volleyball players and not only.

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Professional players have chosen Medere custom-made insoles.

Matteo Zamagni, class 1989, middle player of Volley Tricolore – Conad Reggio Emiliais using Medere custom-made insoles for the second consecutive season, exploiting the potential both in the fight and in training sessions.

After the first season and on the advice of his physiotherapist he decided to take a new pair of custom-made insoles, given the excellent results obtained. Matteo Zamagni says:

With the custom-made insoles made by Medere, I feel good and I solved the problems that I had to heel and calf.

Matteo Zamagni

Why would I recommend all Medere custom-made insoles?

First for the professionalism, availability and attention to the needs of the athlete. Their app is intuitive and simple to use. I will continue to use their custom-made insoles during all training sessions and in the matches, to improve more and more my sports performance. I also use them outside of volleyball!

Matteo Zamagni

For our team it’s a real honor to contribute to their success, as demonstrated by the emotion shown by the words of Marco Mannisi, the CMO of Medere:

Matteo contacted us after reading our spot on the AIP website. After a first interview, we studied the needs of Matthew and evaluated the best solution to give him the right support and the right push. Matteo has niggling Achilles problem, calf contractures and plantar flatness. Thanks to our patented method we made all the necessary measurements comfortably from home: Matteo downloaded our App Medere and was able to send us all the necessary data in a few minutes. Within a week we made and shipped the pair of custom-made insoles designed specifically to give Matthew the support he needed. Matteo’s custom-made insoles are designed to support his arch, give it a correct alignment and to cushion impacts on both the heel and the forefoot. We are really happy to be able to follow a great professional athlete in his career.

Marco Mannisi

Furthermore, we take this opportunity to congratulate Matteo and his entire Volley Tricolore Conad Reggio Emilia team for winning the 25th edition of the Del Monte® Coppa Italia A2 trophy.