Medere for Uganda

Medere is one of the 7 companies selected for Coopen’s Call for Innovators, dedicated to Health and Wellness by Fondazione Cariplo. We’ll support CBM Italia Onlus in treatment and rehabilitation of disability in Uganda.

“Bringing 3D printing solution where needed”, is our meet the challenge of the Coopen’s Call for Innovators dedicated to Health and Wellness by Fondazione Cariplo. Its aim is to promote the identification of innovative technological solutions, sustainable and concrete, to address specific challenges related to sustainable development on the African continent through partnerships between Italian Civil Society Organizations (“OSC”) and Innovator’s actors (as you can see in the following link).

Medere will work with his expertise and know-how in the biomedical technologies in the challenge launched in Uganda by CBM Italia Onlus: technological innovation for better and more efficient use and maintenance of machinery and medical device in the territories.

CBM Italia Onlus collaborates with CoRSU (Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services of Uganda for People with Disabilities), a hospital for medical rehabilitation and specialist surgery. The CoRSU is a pole of excellence in East Africa for the care and rehabilitation of orthopedic and plastic disabilities, especially for children. More information on the project are indicated in the web site of CBM Italia Onlus at the following link.

CBM for CORSU (Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services for people with disability in Uganda), source: Servizi di riabilitazione fisica per persone con disabilità | CBM Italia Onlus

The support of Medere will be important for an on-site service that will allow, through 3D printing, to quickly produce spare parts of machinery and medical devices and orthosis having a solid database, printers and filaments run directly by local personnel who will be trained by our team.