Medere wins the Best Practices award for innovation

Medere wins the 15th edition of the Best Practices award for innovation. The Best Practices Award for Innovation was born in 2006, on the proposal of the Innovative and Technological Services Group of Confindustria Salerno. Creativity and contamination are the key words of the initiative, which promotes the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in Italy, generating a mechanism for sharing the best projects between companies, spin-offs and start-ups.

In the competition, about 100 projects were submitted. At the end of the pitching session, Medere won the final prize by presenting the Passo project. The project bases its foundations on the patented system by Medere to quickly obtain a custom-made insole without moving from home (here you can buy our products). Furthermore, the Passo project adresses the development of a sensorized system integrated in the insoles for the remote monitoring of walking pathologies.

A big acknowledgment to Novartis which has supported and guided us in the project during these months. An important recognition that pushes us to continue along the path.