Medere On The Road

Carlo, 32, entrepreneur and traveller. He chose Medere for his trip On The Road.

Oggi vi raccontiamo con piacere la storia di un nostro cliente. Una storia che parla di un viaggio On The Road in bicicletta Today we are happy to tell you the story of one of our customers. A story that speaks of a bicycle trip On The Road that led our customer to extraordinary views and unexpected destinations. Carlo this summer was finalising the preparations for the journey that would take him from Reggio Calabria to Sapri, covering more than 300 km by bicycle. Carlo had already made a similar trip years ago, when he and a friend of his had cycled for 500 km going from Rome to Sapri. On this occasion, he experienced discomfort and pain in his feet and this had not allowed him to fully experience the fantastic experience of the trip.

“Finally we leave!”

Excited about the departure but aware of the problems he had encountered on his last trip, he decided to try the bespoke insoles of the Medere Sport line. Our insoles, designed for the specific needs of each client, have therefore accompanied him on his journey. Carlo, who was enthusiastic about the sport line, wanted to thank us by sharing his experience and some photographs of the fantastic landscapes he visited with us. There, in those breath-taking views, there were also our insoles. We are extremely happy to have accompanied Carlo on this fantastic and exciting adventure and we thank him for the magnificent shots he gave us.

“With Medere I was able to solve my foot problems and this allowed me to fully appreciate the fantastic On The Road trip from Reggio Calabria to Sapri”

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