Medere won the “Vere Imprese” contest

Source: askanews, Youtube

GoDaddy, in collaboration with Alkemy SPA, promoted the “Vere Imprese” contest to give SMEs, Tech Startups and Individual Businesses the opportunity to boost their business. The competition, which lasted six months, saw GoDaddy travelling all around Italy searching for excellences among small Italian business. Furthermore, the competition represented an opportunity to expose the realities selected by GoDaddy to the general public and to give business owners and entrepreneurs the opportunity to exhibit their idea.

In the final phase of the competition, which took place at the Cariplo Factory in Milan, a winner for each one of the three categories (i.e. Small and Medium Enterprises, Tech startups and individual companies) were chosen by a technical jury of entrepreneurs, journalists and experts, and were awarded a professional communication plan worth € 20,000.

Medere won first prize in the Tech startup category presenting its new products lines of custom-made insoles (basic, comfort and sports) produced with an innovative digital workflow and 3D printing technologies.

A special thanks goes to all the people who have allowed Medere to reach the final stage of the competition supporting us during the social media vote stage.

Further information on the final phase and on the winners at the following links: