Medere attends at DigithOn 2019

Source: TRM h24 – Su Sky al canale 519; Digitale Terrestre: Puglia e Basilicata canale 16

The fourth edition of DigithOn, the largest Italian digital marathon founded by Francesco Boccia, is ended. Also this year in Puglia, more precisely in Bisceglie, the best Italian Start-Ups have come together to present their project to an audience of national and international investors, officials and managers of financial and multinational institutions, banks, funds of investment, analysts, venture capitalists and small and medium-sized companies.

Four days of events, meetings and talks with 100 innovative Start-Ups selected from more than 250 by a panel of experts. The event had been widely covered by the media and the web page registered a record among all the editions with over 300,000 contacts from 117 nations, 5 continents, and more than 15,000 votes.

Several important guests attended and particiapted this year: Francesco Boccia, Laura Castelli, Michele Emiliano, Luigi Gubitosi, Alessandro Profumo, Takagi & Ketra, Giacomo Hawckamn, Andrea Pezzi, Domenico De Bartolomeo, Sergio Fontana, Barbara Carfagna, Massimo Giletti, Alessandro De Angelis, Tobias Piller, Andrea Rosi, Pinuccio, Nunzia de Girolamo, Massimiliano Montefusco. In addition, representatives of very important big companies such as Google, Fifa, Figc, Aqp attended at DigithOn 2019.

In this exciting framework, Medere has brought innovation and technology to the world of foot orthotics thanks to the development of a digital production chain that, integrating the Internet of Things (IOTs), Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) modelling and additive manufacturing, guarantees both accessibility and cost-effectiveness without losing the effectiveness of a product tailored to one’s needs (see POP project page for more information). A great acknowledgement for this wonderful experience to the whole organising team of the event with a special mention for the president of the event Francesco Boccia, Ennio De Iapinis and Giuseppe Mastrodonato who allowed many young entrepreneurs to discuss the issue of digital innovation. Furthermore, the Medere team takes the opportunity to thank all the people who supported us by voting for our project.